Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back from the Holy Week Hiatus

We were in North Carolina for Holy Week and Pascha this year; and our trip back plus getting back into the swing of what you might call "normal" life if you lived in an amusement park, has kept us from the blogosphere for the last couple of weeks. Our lives have been slightly topsy-turvy as we look towards the summer and our impending Chrismation over Christmas. I'm not really even sure this is how this year is going to work out in that direction, but we are coming along.

Holy Week back in our old parish was a wonderful experience! We were welcomed back with open arms and a place in the choir! We sang until our throats were horse and celebrated our Lord's passion and sacrificial love with dear friends and family. I had my semi-regular "argument" with my parents about how I am "betraying" my upbringing in Traditional Protestantism (their words) and clinging to the "trappings" and "traditions of men" and that the Apostle Paul never taught anyone to kiss a picture. I'm really praying that they're willing to come to the baptisms/chrismations this year without too much hoopla beforehand.

Short but sweet this time round. Felicity will be back with a post coming up next week.

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