Monday, March 22, 2010

Transitioning away

Yesterday, the church where I (Peter) have been serving for the past three years announced my departure.  As of yet, only a handful of people know that our plan is to "depart" in so many other ways--which is probably for the best.  Nothing says, "We're ungrateful" like leaving your denominational church in the dust as soon as you leave your posting there.  Not wanting to burn any very wonderful bridges, we'll be slowly letting people in on the "secret" as we transition into our new life in a new state.

Complications as of now include getting everything in our small apartment packed up in time for the movers to come on either Good Friday or Holy Saturday to be at my parents' house by Pascha.  Thrown into the mix that neither of our families know yet of our intended move into Orthodoxy for the next year, and neither of us are really looking forward to those conversations.  My father would also like me to apply for a position at their church.  I'm trying to patiently explain that I'm not looking for church work right now, and that I'm also not going to be going to any churches that they would recognize (or probably feel very comfortable in).

I don't know what to expect out of these next few days.  We're both a little bit confused, concerned, and disconcerted.  I feel like God is going before us less as a pillar of fire, and more like a lightning bug.  We're following Him the best that we know how, and trying to take all of these things as they come our way.  I know there's more to this life than just a weekly paycheck or the daily grind, but those are things I've grown accustomed to, and I'm not sure that I'm looking to replace them with anything else.

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