Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now that the moving is over

We have made it to our new locale.  We're camped out in a beautiful house in the Southeast, and waiting for all of our earthly possessions to arrive.  We know they're coming, we just don't know exactly when.  Glory to God in all things!  We love our new neighborhood, though, and are currently preparing to enjoy a grilled sweet potato, onion skewers, and some marinated chicken breasts.  I don't even care how long it takes to cook!

We got a chance to sit down with Fr. C. at the OCA church we're going to visit this weekend.  I have been such a fan of the priests we have been talking to.  Fr. Ph. back home was a loving, caring, grandfatherly figure.  Fr. Hans from Orthodoxy Today was an intellect and a compassionate heart.  Fr. C. was like a dear friend.  It seems that Felicity and I are being watched over by any number of God's servants as we try to follow His leading in our lives.

There's a lot to unpack before we start to post about our experiences in our Orthodox Year.  First, we have started telling our families about our decision.  Felicity's parents have a girl living with them who is also considering Orthodoxy (an unexpected blessing) and we let them know that we'll be visiting an OCA church as well this weekend.  My parents will find out on Saturday when they ask (as they no doubt will), "Where are you going to church tomorrow?"  Our take: very humble and honest--we're going to visit an Orthodox church.  Hopefully the response will be honest curiosity and not antagonism.  Either is possible with my family.  We love each other, and we like to argue--go figure.

God is so good.  This morning while considering our upcoming conversations, I received an incredible peace about everything.  It was as if the Holy Spirit was reassuring me that He (and not we) is in charge of our salvation.  If we are faithful to Him, He is at work in our lives to shape us into the likeness of Jesus.  When it comes to telling my family about the decision to explore Orthodoxy, I know that He has already gone before us.  The funny thing is, is that I once went to an Episcopal church while living with them, and they never had a problem.  I'm not sure what I think the difference is going to be.  Maybe it's that this is going to be so different.  I've just stopped worrying about it.  With God's help, we'll be able to have mature conversations and real dialogue about theology, doctrine, etc. and hopefully they'll come with us some week!

So here we stand.  Nervous, but not afraid.  Apprehensive, but not alone.  Excited, but trying not to overdo anything.  Ready...steady.....

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