Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let Tomorrow Worry About Itself

Over the past few days we have been profoundly blessed by God's grace and provision.  Through a series of little instances (coincidences, one could call them) we have found ourselves taken care of - financially, spiritually, relationally - in the midst of this tough transition.  It began with unsolicited gifts from members of the church we left in Michigan.  People who wished us well and wanted to help with the move, show appreciation or just felt God's prompting to bless us monetarily.  Then we came here and were showered with love by Peter's parents who took our little one for a few days so we could breathe, scream, cry and generally recover ourselves from all the emotional wreckage of the past few months.  When the movers brought our things the weather threatened, but held off and didn't soak everything.  We then discovered that the moving company refunded part of our deposit - a significant sum.  And, just today, I received an online order of diapers and baby wipes in duplicate due to a system snafu, customer service said I should thank my lucky stars.  I also got a call from the apartment complex where we had lived asking for a forwarding address so they could fully refund our security deposit. Cap all this off with the wonderful experience from Sunday which still leaves me with a warm glow and the message is clear: you are where I want you to be, and I will take care of you - trust Me.

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