Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beginning to Pray

Felicity and I used to pray together all of the time.  We would pray Morning Prayer from the BCP, read the Psalms morning and evening month to month.  It was a pattern we both really liked, appreciated, and enjoyed.  It wasn't something we ever intended to stop doing, but we did.  Somewhere between Thanksgiving and the birth of our little crumbcatcher, we lost the plot and just stopped praying together.  We'd do it every now and then--fits and spurts mostly.  We were reading My Utmost for His Highest until the move (haven't done that in a month's time, either).  We stopped; and that was it.

Sunday night we started praying together.  I have a little blue prayer book (for personal prayers) that was given to me by the priest at the Greek church before we left.  I figured if we were going to actually begin our Orthodox year, we needed to begin.  So I found my icon of Christ in its box and put it on a little table we bought, and we started praying.  It was weird.  It was awkward.  It was a relief.  Our plan (until we settle in at a church and have a priest) is to continue in this method (morning and evening) until given further instruction.  This is good for both of us.  It keeps me from running ahead of her and prevents her from "lagging" behind.  This puts us on equal ground together, and that's a good thing.

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