Saturday, April 24, 2010

Becoming Excited Again

As we begin to put some chronological distance between ourselves and the vaguely negative undertones of the previous weekend, we have found ourselves becoming excited about next weekend and our return to the OCA parish.  Partially, this stems from the wonderful reception we had there a few weeks ago.  But, additionally, we need to be part of a community again and interact with other adults.

Peter, especially I think, needs to get out into society.  I'm used to being at home all day with the baby and am actually rather excited - home now consists of a 5 bedroom, two story house with front and back yards, instead of a two bedroom apartment - but I am realizing that my introvert-self is doing just fine and I should invest in my extrovert-self, puny and neglected though it is.  For Peter, who is very much the extrovert, not only is he unemployed, and therefore spending most days on the computer filling out job applications, but he was accustomed to working at our church where, even at it's lowest points, was always filled with interesting people and work for him to do.We now have a church to call our own.  This weekend we will try to see how we can fit in there and be useful.  It's exciting to be ready for this.  We had said that we want to pour ourselves into parish life for a year, but I don't think either of us realized how much we would need that involvement for our own sanity.

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