Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go to church, say your prayers, remember God

I don't remember whose mother told him this when he left home, but I'm trying to make it the direction of my life.  Going to church: easy.  I'm probably a religious addict, and I need to see someone about it (maybe...).  I love being part of our little chapel community, saying prayers, worshiping with the community, and trying to learn how to think, act, and truly be Orthodox.

Saying prayers I'm really bad at.  I do say prayers, but not the way that I should.  I picked up a Psalter at the monastery for free, and I'm trying to start reading the Kathisma schedule, but that's also hard.  Easier is just saying morning and evening prayers, but I have trouble waking up Felicity first thing in the morning when the little ones are still sleeping so soundly.  Still...we do try.  Mostly, though, I'm trying to make this my discipline without imposing it on my family in a sort of dictatorial way.

Remember God.  I'm trying.


  1. God remembers. And you will always do better and worse at praying at different times. God remembers that better than we do too.

  2. It's hard not to feel like you're doing a rather poor job when compared with others. Then we see the danger of comparing ourselves with others.

  3. You are referencing the advice Fr. Thomas Hopko received from his mother.